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Person-centred therapy

Person or client-centred therapy is based on the view that everyone has the capacity and drive for personal growth and change.  Clients are supported in understanding and creating their own individual processes to come to terms with any negative feelings in their own way.


Counselling sessions are led by you and not directed by the counsellor. A person-centred counsellor will not sort out your problems but will help clients develop their own strengths and resources, explore their own challenges, beliefs, behaviour and worldview to become more self-aware and independent.


You will be treated as the expert on yourself, as no one else knows what it is like to be you and supported in making your own decisions and solutions which are personally right for you.

You will not be judged, no matter what you bring to the session. This helps build a trustworthy relationship in which you can feel free to express what is really troubling you. A person-centred therapist will offer acceptance, valuing you, honesty, transparency and will aim to empathetically see things as if they were you. Stepping back to understand the world from your perspective, not theirs.

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